Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revell Launch Tower & Space Shuttle POST COMPLEX FIRE

This is the latest photo of the Revell Launch Tower & Space Shuttle after the fire.  It was on the top shelf near the ceiling, it was found on the floor under the sheetrock from the ceiling.  This might of protected it from further damage, other plastic items on the shelf had actually burnt to no remains.  The ceiling sheet rock must of fell onto the Revell Launch Tower & Space Shuttle box and knocked it to the floor.  The sheet rock that did not burn shielded it from the heat of the fire.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revell Launch Tower & Space Shuttle

This is for Kit # 4911 one of the largest NASA or space related models ever sold.  This model is currently out of production and is very rare.  I will first include copies of the instruction manual pages and then with photos of the actual model.

Step 1 to 4

Step 5 to 14

:Step 15 to 18
Step 19 to 25

Step 26 to 30

Step 31 to 41

Step 42 to 53

Step 54 to 63

Step 64 to 77

Step 78 to 93

Step 94 to 100

Last panel 101

That is the manual in the next Blog post we will explore the actual parts trees included in the model kit.